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Glenn Scores Big for Charity in the Homeside Shot of a Lifetime

Posted by Rachel Guthrie on Apr 12, 2016 5:53:21 PM

On Monday April 4th, Glenn Shortman suited up with his helmet and stick to venture out for the shot of a lifetime in front of thousands of Columbus Blue Jackets hockey fans.

Glenn had a shot to have his mortgage paid for courtesy of Homeside Financial for the entire year if he made a shot on goal in a designated slot. Unfortunately, as everyone anxiously watched, Glenn missed it within what appeared to be centimeters! Regardless, Glenn had a great time with a smile on his face a mile wide. Dan Snyder, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Homeside Financial, didn’t let him walk away empty handed – but awarded him a check for $1,000 as a consolation prize!


It is not every day that you meet two people like Glenn and (his wife) Rebecca Shortman. They are hardworking, loving, excited young professionals who are expecting their first child in October. The odds of luck could not have possibly provided Homeside a better contestant for the Shot of a Lifetime.

Glenn scored more than just $1,000 that night in the arena – he scored the chance to change lives. He selflessly turned around and decided to donate 100% of his prize to two charities near & dear to his and Rebecca’s hearts: The Casey Cares Foundation and Athens Friends of the Shelter Dogs.

Casey Cares raises funds that allow them to organize programs for the families of critically ill children. During these memory-making moments, children can escape from the stresses of their disease and enjoy life with their loved ones. Glenn’s Shot of a Lifetime will provide a critically ill child with the time of their life! Homeside is extremely active in partnering with Casey Cares for all corporate philanthropy excitement.

Friends of the Shelter Dogs provides assistance to the dogs in the Athens County Dog Shelter by providing veterinary support for sick and injured dogs, spaying and neutering, rescue operations and the promotion of the dogs in the shelter. This is very special to Ohio University grads, Glenn & Rebecca, as they received their beloved pup Tyler from this shelter and feel his love is priceless in their lives.


To show appreciation for their extreme kindness, Homeside Financial has matched their donations to Friends of Shelter Dogs and Casey Cares. Thank you so much to Glenn & Rebecca Shortman – you truly did the Shot of a Lifetime justice! Cheers to you!

To see more photos of the event: Click Here!

To watch the video of the Shot of a Lifetime: Click here!

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Donate to Friends of Shelter Dogs!

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