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New Trend Alert: Progressive Neighborhood Dinner Parties

Posted by Rachel Guthrie on February 29, 2016

Everyone is looking to get more involved in their community and meet their neighbors but with everyone being so busy – it’s not always easy – and coordinating that many people can become quite a mess!

Happy hours are great but sometimes it is so loud that you can’t really get to know anyone, and often times space is cramped and too busy which stifles the potential for good conversation.

Enter a new form of entertainment and the hottest new social gathering trend: the Progressive Neighborhood Dinner Party.

A progressive neighborhood dinner party is usually organized by your local neighborhood society group. Don’t have a society group or something of the like? That’s ok – you can try to set this up on your own!

It is an invite only event where all neighbors of the community are allowed to attend. Your society group will usually send an online survey that asks participants to fill out their contact information, address, available dates, and level of interest. You can sign up for one of the following roles.

  • Event Attendee: Simply attends the progressive dinner party (Around $5 or low dollar denomination to purchase a ticket)
  • Host: Open your home up to guests and provide beverages
  • Co-Host: Bring a dish to the event
  • Team Lead: coordinates and communicates with all attendees, hosts, and co-hosts and maps out all the homes and stops on the dinner party tour 

Guests will spend 45 minutes at each home (and 15 minutes are allocated for walking and travel between homes.) The block of time usually lasts for 3-4 hours so guests can visit 4-6 homes during one Progressive Dinner Party night. Think of it as speed dating but with visits to get to know neighborhoods. You visit a home, have a drink and an appetizer, have good conversation, and then switch! It’s that simple.

At each home, the host will usually provide a tour of their home allowing for guests to takeaway many awesome craft and décor ideas that they can try to replicate in their own homes.

There couldn’t possibly be a better way to strategically mix and mingle with neighbors! We love the idea of the new Progressive Dinner Parties. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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