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How to Build Confidence as a New Real Estate Agent

Posted by Mikey Rox on January 10, 2017

Every agent has aspirations of becoming an unstoppable, dynamite real estate agent, but it may seem hard to reach this point when your self-confidence just starting out is somewhat shaky. Being a new agent can be both exciting and intimidating, granted. You want to succeed, but if there's a ton of competition in your area, getting new listings and finding buyers has its own set of challenges – and the more you stress about the situation, the easier it is to lose confidence. But you’re not alone. Nobody becomes a great agent overnight. With time and practice, however, it is possible to build confidence as a new real estate agent and become the superstar you’d like to be.

Here are five tactics to achieve that goal.

1. Be energetic and positive

If you approach your real estate career like a timid child, you won’t make it far in this business. Rather, you have to stay positive and strive for success while also recognizing that you’ll make mistakes, and sometimes, you’ll have to modify or tweak your marketing strategy to generate business.

And none of that is the end of the world. 

Rarely does a real estate agent begin his career with all the answers. There's a learning curve, sure, but if you stay upbeat and optimistic there's an opportunity to learn from mistakes and grow – and eventually brush them shoulders off.

2. Get a coach

You also can build confidence as a new real estate agent with the help of a real estate coach, and some real estate brokerage firms offer these services to enhance your game. If your firm doesn’t, you can always approach a veteran agent for assistance.

Working with a coach can hone your skills by helping you learning strategies and techniques you may have never implemented yourself. Coaching also builds confidence because you can learn about the other agent’s early career experience, which helps you appreciate that what you're going through isn’t uncommon. Your coach can offer encouragement when you're feeling down, and since there's an accountability factor, you’re more likely to follow through on suggestions and overcome setbacks when those reminders that you’re still a rookie pop up from time to time.

3. Continue your education

Just because you’ve finished real estate school and received your license doesn't mean you should stop learning about the business. There’s always an opportunity to learn and build on what you already know, and knowledge and confidence go hand-in-hand.

Confidence also is important as a new real estate agent because some clients can sniff out self-doubt or insecurity like a bloodhound. As a result, if you're not confident in yourself, they won't be confident in you – and that may render you vulnerable, left to lick your wounds as they choose a more capable agent.

To expand your knowledge, conduct an online research for real estate blogs and read these on a regular basis. Like this one; bookmark it now. You’ll find advice and tips to help you in business. Also consider taking advantage of local workshops or seminars for real estate agents. If you continue to invest in your career, you'll increase your knowledge and reap the financial benefits.

4. Become a neighborhood expert

Some cities are large, with hundreds of neighborhoods, and the idea of selling and helping clients find properties all over the city can be overwhelming at times. What you can do, though, is position yourself as a neighborhood expert and focus on getting clients in particular areas.

This is beneficial because there’s an opportunity to become highly knowledgeable in these neighborhoods. Research and learn about different communities, price differences between different properties, school district ratings, parks and recreational options, shopping districts, and any other details that’ll appeal to buyers moving into the area. Becoming a local expert and truly believing that you know more – or just as much as some of the best agents in your professional circle – is a confidence booster in itself.

5. Anticipate questions

Not only should you be knowledgeable about real estate and comfortable explaining difficult terminology or how the process works, you also should practice before meeting with a client. During these practice sessions, anticipate possible questions a buyer or seller will ask, and then practice your responses. This will further boost your confidence because you’ll enter meetings thoroughly prepared, and you’re less likely to crumble under pressure when asked a tough question.

You want to come across as an expert who knows what they’re talking about, not somebody who’s wingin’ it. Provide your clients with quick, accurate responses, and they’ll pick up on the conviction in your voice. Practice is key, but soon it’ll be second nature.

Time, practice, and a few tips will help you build the confidence you need as a new agent. 

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