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Homeside Househack: Walnut Wonders

Posted by Holly Stasco on December 10, 2015

It's that time of the year again! And with the fun and entertaining family gatherings at home, we sometimes get unwelcome scratches on our wooden floors caused by the heavier-than-usual walking traffic. Or maybe your pet's unexplainably longs claws are leaving marks on your precious furniture. Well, we've got an easy solution for you in this week's Homeside Househack! All you're going to need are some walnuts and a soft cloth.


Begin with locating the scratch on your wood surface then carefully crack open a walnut and remove the nut. Gently rub the meat of the nut on the scratch in a circular motion. Leave the oil that has rubbed off of the walnut to sit for a few minutes. Polish the wood with a soft cloth and the scratches should be gone! 

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