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Homeside HouseHack: Eggcellent Advice, How to Separate Eggs Easily

Posted by Holly Stasco & Ashten Goeckel on September 17, 2015

We’ve all battled with this seemingly impossible task: separating the yolk from the egg white.  That sneaky, slippery yellow pain always seems to get away from forks, spoons, and even determined finger tips.  This can prove extremely frustrating for the hungry-yet-heatlhy adventurer attempting to make a savory omelet with egg whites only.  Fret no further! With his Homeside HouseHack, you’ll become an expert yolk-trapper.  And all you need is an empty plastic bottle!


1. Start off by cracking your eggs onto a plate or bowl. Make sure you have an empty plastic bottle ready to go. 

2. Squeeze the bottle and place the opening on the egg yolk you want to extract.

3. Release pressure from the bottle until the egg yolk is sucked into it. Repeat as many times as necessary.

 4. Now you are ready to cook a healthy egg white treat!

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