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Homeside Househack: DIY Phone Projector

Posted by Holly Stasco on February 13, 2016

This week on Homeside HouseHacks, we show you another Hack for your technology! This week’s HouseHack will show you how to make your own mini smartphone projector with just a few objects that can be found around the home.

You will need a shoe box, a magnifying glass, electrical tape, a paper clip, a craft knife, and your smartphone to make this awesome DIY phone projector! 

First, take your magnifying glass and if necessary, carefully remove the lens from the handle. Take the lens and trace it onto the short side of your shoe box. Next, take your crafting knife and carefully cut the traced circle out of the side of the shoe box. Attach the lens to the shoe box using electrical tape, making sure to completely seal the edges so that no light can escape. Next,you will need to make your phone stand. This can be done easily by bending a paper clip a few times. You can also find a more detailed tutorial on how to make a paper clip phone stand here

Once your stand is completed, your projector is ready to use!  Set up your phone in your projector box and find a blank wall or sheet to project onto. Focus the image by moving the box closer or further away from the wall as needed. Additional focus can be achieved by moving the phone in the box closer or further away from the lens. 


Pro Tip:

  • Make sure that the brightness on your smartphone is turned all the way up and you have made the room dark enough for viewing.
  • Cut a small hole in the back of the box for a charging cord!

Happy Hacking!

If you thought saving money with a DIY phone projector, just wait until you see all of our other househacks! 

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