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Homeside Househack: Carbonated Cleaning

Posted by Holly Stasco on December 17, 2015

We've all been there! Our favorite tool, memento, or piece of jewelry gets rusty after a few years and it seems that there may not be a do-it-yourself solution. But there is! In this week's Homeside Househack, we show you how to get rid of rust in a simple and inexpensive way.  All you will need is tin foil, a dark soda, and a bowl.  Let's do some carbonated cleaning!


First fill up the bowl with the dark soda of your choice and dip the tin foil into the bowl.  

Next, use the soda-dipped tin foil to scrub off the rust from your item, and repeat as many times as necessary.  

Finally, once the rust is gone, wash the item with soap and water to remove the acid and sugar.  Now your beloved item is back to its original beauty!

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