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Homeside Househack: 3 Step Chair Makeover

Posted by Holly Stasco & Ashten Goeckel on October 22, 2015

Are you tired of sitting on that same old chair every day? Do you want to spice up the very object on which your butt spends a great deal of time every day?  Then we’ve got the perfect and incredibly easy Homeside HouseHack for you. Here is how to take a simple, boring chair- or maybe your favorite old chair, and bring it new life that shows your unique personality. Here is what you will need:

  • a chair that needs some TLC
  • cotton fabric
  • fabric cutting scissors 
  • sand paper
  • screw driver
  • spray paint 
  • staple gun


Let's start the chair makeover! First, remove the chair cushion and sand down the chair. After a good sanding, spray paint the chair base the color of your choice. 

Lay the chair cushion over a square of fabric large enough to wrap around the cushion. Fold the fabric over the cushion one side at a time and secure with staple working your way to the corners, making sure to pull the fabric snug while stapling. When you are finished, reassemble your chair cushion to the chair base- Ready, Set, Sit! 

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