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Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Posted by Rachel Guthrie on February 4, 2016

For many people, the bathroom can be a relaxing sanctuary to unwind from a long work day with a warm bath. But for most people, the bathroom is a space that could definitely use a little bit of an update. However, that might not be in the budget for everyone.

If you’re looking to take your bathroom up a notch but don’t have a lot of excess cash, it might be time for you to learn some easy ways to update your bathroom on a budget.

Why not lighten up a bit?

Don’t show up to work looking like you’ve gotten dressed in the dark. It is especially hard for ladies to put on makeup when the lighting isn’t perfect. One quick and inexpensive way to brighten up your bathroom is to replace old and unattractive light fixtures with updated and modern lighting options. You can find fixtures for under $100 to completely replace the existing or you can be even thriftier and just replace the fixture shades, then spruce up the base of the fixtures with metallic spray paint.

Ensure your windows are clean and clear as well, especially if you have some hard to reach to sun roof windows. It wouldn’t hurt to invest in a cheap ladder and make the climb to clean windows. If you have a window in the wall of your bathroom, update the curtains to add some design with a print or pop of color.

If printed curtains aren’t your style or you’re lacking window opportunities, look to the walls next. Add a fresh coat of paint to accentuate your bathroom’s features. You can paint a bathroom for $20 or less! If you like options you could even take advantage of wallpaper, which comes in different prints, patterns, colors, and textures.

See yourself in a new way

A small update goes a long way if that small update is one of your bathroom’s focal pieces – the mirror! Instead of plain mirror without trim, you can find many artistic and attractive mirrors to replace what you currently have relatively inexpensively. If you like your current design but feel it needs a facelift, just paint the trim of your existing mirror.

Let your style shine through décor

Starting stock up on cheap bathroom décor each time you visit the store. Visit the clearance sections at your local stores to hit the lotto with decorative pieces. The less you spend, the less guilty you’ll feel updating your simple décor pieces (like toothbrush and hand soap holder) every few months once they get a stale feeling. Faux-flowers can be used to liven up the room, just don’t overdo it so much that the bathroom feels cluttered (plus, who wants to dust all of those pieces?) Replace a dingy old shower curtain with a new touch. Add fresh patterned bath and hand towels to accentuate and compliment your shower curtain.

Next, add some artwork to the walls. Some artwork coupled with a painted wall can really give new life to a bland bathroom. Another small touch that goes a long way is updating the handles and knobs on your cabinetry for extra glamour.

Organize & Maximize your storage

You’ll have a much easier time relaxing in your bubble bath when everything around you is organized and easy to navigate. Putting shelving units in is a quick and easy way to start on your quest for organization. You can either add shelving units to closets or use external nook and shelving options. If you have a small space, utilizing a unit that sets above the toilet seat. These units can be a great way to conceal personal items from guests. If your shelving and organization space is visible, add some fashionable privacy with some color coordinated baskets.

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive task and the price certainly shouldn’t scare you away from having the sanctuary of your dreams, just try these easy ways to update your bathroom on a budget. 

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