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4 Tips to Mortgage-Worthy Credit

Posted by Rachel Guthrie on September 16, 2015

Don't let your credit stand in the way of your dream home..

1. Don’t let your credit card get you in trouble. Be careful not to spend excessively. Do NOT max out your credit cards. Your credit card utilization rate typically has a huge impact on your credit  score. Remember: you want to be a responsible money manager.

2. Pay on Time. Ensure that your on-time payment percentage is, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. Get those payments in on time for every credit card you’re using! Forgetful? Set up a calendar reminder for immediately after you get paid.

3. Don’t apply for a ton of credit cards. Applying for numerous lines of credit in a short period time puts multiple inquires on your credit profile. This could make you look desperate for credit. Limit your loan applications to only lines of credit that you truly need. 

4. Check Your Credit Often:  Watch your credit score and observe how it changes with financial decisions you make. Be careful of false information on your credit score. It could stand in your way of getting a mortgage. You may not be interested in purchasing  today, but don't wait until your dream home hits the market to be caught unaware with a low score or incorrect information. Check your credit score at least once a month to be safe. 

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